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Dan Burkett aka Rad Dan has beat all odds pioneering his way through drifting from ProAm to Pro2 and now entering his eighth year in the most competitive drift series in the world as a Formula Drift PRO driver.  Burkett competes in his RAD Industries built MKIV Toyota Supra. It has been the only professional drifting MKIV Supra in America at the PRO level for the last six years and has become world known!  

Rad Dan is a respected car builder and driver within the motorsport and industry as a whole. His thriving race shop, RAD Industries has grown quickly in the last seven years. Dan's journey has become inspirational and motivating to his loyal following. 


Photographed by Kyle Cross during the Formula Drift 2021 season at Road Atlanta.

Rad Dan - Road Atlanta Formula Drift 2021 - by Kyle Cross

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