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Autographed and Limited Edition

Only 5 Available for 48 hours (Ends 6/16 at 12pm PST)

24x36 print on Lustre Photo Paper


Photographed at 1/10 of a second, handheld at 346mm on the top of the bank of Irwindale Speedway, featured photographer Rebecca Nguyen captured this breathtaking photograph during the Formula Drift 2020 "Title Fight" competition.


A once in a lifetime capture, the Speedway had holiday lighting decor set up for an upcoming annual event.  This final round of the season normally wasn't to be held this late in the year, but due to Covid restrictions it was well past their normal October dates giving photographers and teams a once in a lifetime show of lights and sounds.


Photographed by Rebecca Nguyen with RHN Media

Adam LZ - FD Irwindale 2020 - by Rebecca Nguyen

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